Thursday 27 December 2007

Merry day-after-boxing-day

Just finished the 3rd Resident Evil film. At least it was better than 2.
I hope that they don't make another one.
At least in this one it appears that they've played some of the games (basically, they've played a bit of Code Veronica, and seen some of 1. Also add in a teeny bit of 2 - finally a tyrant like in the games... though he talks... The entire curey thingy... Wesker being the CEO is kindof right. Almost.)
Still, I hate the stupid stuff they come up with (i.e. giving AdaAshley ("Alice") psychic powers - WTF?! Yeah, zombies don't make sense if you think about it, but still...)

Guitar Hero 3 completed on easy. Normal seems so ridiculously hard.
Twilight Princess is awesome, but the twilight is a bit too harsh on the eyes in my opinion.

Monday 5 November 2007


Best. Week. Ever.

That was last month, though.

Basically, I won a Wii, and a TV to play it on. Awesome.

I've been mainly playing Gamecube games on it, because:
1) There are many awesome GC games I missed
2) Pre-owned Wii games are still ridiculously expensive, so I should wait until the prices go down.

Anyway, just finished Wind Waker, which was quite good. The sailing was irritating, and where it fits in the storyline was also confusing (though, I'm now reading up on things, and apparently there are two parallel timelines in which the games take place, thus making things a lot more confusing... Though, actually, it does make sense. At the end of OoT I wondered "Why go back to the start if it's all going to happen again")
People have been claiming that you kill Ganon at the end of it, but I must disagree.
We've seen previously that he can survive having a magical sword buried in his head, and he turned to stone.
I think he was just sealed away again.

Wednesday 26 September 2007


I honestly can't stop laughing at this.

Monday 27 August 2007

Leeeerooooyyy Mmmmmmjennnkiiinnns

Well, what's new? Not much.
Finally got my parchment, and thus was able to secure my place at Newcastle.
I shall pass this course "like a Slor Beast passes her young: Jiggly! And full of juice…" (Zim)

Been playing more Pokemon Diamond (it rocks so hard) even set up some trades with people... I haven't had any correspondance back since I've got what's needed on my end, and tried to arrange a time for the trade. Are they lazy or is there some error in sending the messages?

Work's been a bit busy, especially since we're now cut down on staff (for various reasons) It's amazing how little time you have left even after just 4 hours in the middle of the day are removed.

Been watching some Leroy Jenkins things (a la the title) and The Angry Videogame Nerd
It's bizzare. He's not really funny, but he is so entertaining.

Also, Bioshock demo. Played in on Jon's comp, because it doesn't work well on mine. I need Pixel shader 3, but I only have 2, despite my graphics card being very good. I can run anything else, literally, on the highest settings, with very little slowdown, but I can't play this demo (it's not even really needed - there is a patch which utilises a workaround. It's slow, but it allows you to see most things without the need for this unnecessary technology.)
I'll upgrade next year, when both cards and game are cheaper. My card is awesome enough for now. Maybe even DX10 would almost be worth it by then, too.

[edit] On the plus side, though, I finally got my computer to remember that my radeon has a tv in. On the minus side, it still recieves nothing. Either I'm using the wrong cable, or this truly is never going to work.

Sunday 22 July 2007


Well, Harry Potter 7 arrived on Saturday... and I'm yet to actually open it. I've kind of got mixed feelings of excitment, dissappointment that the story will end, lack of excitment because I've been predicting the ending for over a year now, and general apathy because I still haven't finished .hack//Another Birth 3 yet.

I know the books are easy, but I actually haven't opened that one for about a month. Other things have been occupying my time: Work, cleaning my room, catching up on TV, and Pokemon. Dear god I love those games.

Also got Unbuntu running recently. Was a bit of a kerfuffle - I got a 30 Gb HDD from my brother, but when installing it I accidentally partially disconnected my DVD drive from the motherboard, resulting in slow start up, wasted hours, and lots of frustration.
Nothing particularly exciting on that front.

On another note, I recommend the next two sites:
Tom Morton's beloved Website!
Chore Wars :: Earning Experience Points for Housework

The first is open source GL Frontier. For those not in the know, Frontier is the best space game ever, bar none.
The second is an RPG to encourage people to do the housework. Neat.

I notice there are a few people comming here from Facebook. Awesome. Nice to know my hard work on the LoK Timeline is appreciated.
If anyone thinks that I've got anything wrong, please tell me, and give a good explanation as to why it's wrong. I put a fair amount of "logical" thinking into that, so if you can't give a good explanation as to why I'm wrong I'll have no good reason to believe you.
I may put it up on Wikipedia eventually.

As to the person who commented on my previous post: Thank you mysterious spammer. The only reason I haven't deleted the comment is because the site it links to is pretty intresting, though probably overpriced.

Finally, someone may be wondering about the title of this post. Well, when tidying my room I came across a sheet of paper with that word on it. Putting it into google results in a few hundred (552) results.

The top result is to this deviantart page:
He draws stuff I like (Oh! My Goddess!, Aliens, Predator, Doom)

Another is a link to the profile of someone who asked about running Freespace 2 on XP and Vista. I would think this could be me, but he types in a different manner.

Another one is a page of statistics for a corp in EVE, mentioning another corp called Etamnanki.

All of these are potential explanations as to why I have this word written down, but none are too familiar. I don't recall that DeviantArt guy. I love Freespace but why would I make such a roundabout note when I could bookmark it or send myself an email? Why would I be that intrested in EVE anymore? I don't like paying every month for a game with no clear objectives within which I have to grind. Grinding is boring.

Thursday 5 July 2007


Well, it's been a while, and quite a lot has happened.

First of all, I graduated with a 2:2 (57.75% - so close to a 2:1)

So know I get to put BA HONS Dunelm on the end of my name when doing academic things, or just wanting to be a bit of a ponce.

Secondly, I have been accepted to do a Msc at Newcastle, conditional upon my showing them my transcript and parchment, both of which are in the post. As will the photos of the graduation (which will surely go on Facebook)

I'm also currently in the process of cleaning my room, which involves organising it. This now means that my various projects are well organised, and it will be easier for me to work on them.
My art style has changed a bit for a certain project, which therefore speeds up the process, whilst keeping everything "stylised" (it's not badly drawn, I swear!)

Wednesday 9 May 2007

A creative waste of time

Here's what I've been doing for the past hour or so.

I know the memes are basically dead, but hell, I wanted to do it, and test out the GIMP.

[edit] Had to change the link. google seems to automatically convert all images into jpgs, thus removing the possibility of animations.

After the exams I'll absolutely kill off the meme once and for all.

Sunday 15 April 2007


Well, my dissertation's comming along, albeit slowly. Since I don't work this week (except for friday) then I should be able to get it done very soon.

I can't help but feel I have no material for the second half, though. GARGH!

Had an intresting "argument" at the EG forums, which was fun, but a waste of time in the end.

Saturday 7 April 2007


The statcounter, though useful and intresting, is giving some strange results:

25 Mar13:55:13 blog: I'm in ur throat blocking ur healthorz

So, someone came from this page, and went to a specific post, racking up a count. Fine, could be a dynamic IP or something - but that was the only count for that day, the only count within a 6 hour period (and I've set the counter so each hit within 6 hours counts. Less would miss the point, more apparently might break it.) How does that work?
Apparently the guy's Swedish. Do they have some strange power to bypass time? Did he leave his/her computer on for a couple of days, then just clicked a link?

Another came from is: %28Brooklyn%29&publishMode=PUBLISH_MODE_BLOGSPOT&navbarType=BLUE

I hope I haven't messed up any security by publishing that address. If I have, please inform me, and I will try to rectify. Now, I looked this link up, and it's the blog of some town in America.
Once again, what?! It seems that this town, publishing a post, for some reason logged my counter. Eh?! Actually, nevermind. I think I was misunderstanding the stats. Still... Maybe my post was too long, thus they needed to click to expand it?

Most of my hits are from the guys on, clicking from threads, then perhaps checking the blogs. Glad to see you're intrested in the Timeline, guys, but why don't you bookmark it instead of repeatedly clicking through threads?

Also, apparently I got a visitor from China. Perhaps I should prevent any such future visits by being all political-like. Perhaps not. It's not like I care too much anyway. Doing an IP whois brings up something from Australia anyway. Eh?

I'm trying to apply for a MSc at Newcastle, but it seems to dislike the concept of me registering. I should talk to Jon about it. It's his department after all.

Thursday 22 March 2007


Insert yet more strange sounds.

So, my counter stopped working. Fine, then. I've replaced it with one that I have made start at the same point (it was 63) and allows me to track all manner of intresting things, like how people reach this page. Thus, I will be able to insert tautology here.

Saturday 10 March 2007


Well, I still can't get the border thing on the other pages fixed, but at least I now have a consistant sidebar linky thing. Hurray! Now I only need to edit one file when I add a new page.

If the sidebar is breaking, that means my other pages probably won't work... or your browser doesn't support javascript.


Wow, I seem to be getting a lot of hits, but no comments.
Intresting. Or not.
Presumably the latter, as otherwise there would be comments, wouldn't there?
Oh well.
Just taking a break from my metaphysics essay at the moment. It's about absolutism vs relationalism in terms of the exitence of space-time. Man, Newton was twisted.
Afterwards I'll head to Patsy's party. Hopefully Guy'll be there, so I can sit and revel in his unique and witty manner of insulting me.

Thursday 1 March 2007


Well, this week's been fun. NIN on monday was ridiculously awesome. Trent played "We're in this together now" which is the second time it has ever been played live.
I also got some cool stuff from FOPP - I cannot wait until more local branches open.

Tuesday 20 February 2007

More html

Well, I've managed to get a template like this done that I can use on googlepages, almost. It just doesn't include the border on the title page, but I guess it's close enough. Also, because the footer formatting was messed up I've decided not to use one. I'll upload it and alter my links appropriatly in the morning.

Monday 19 February 2007

Not much to say. Trying a different counter, now, as the other one was registering hits rather than unique hits.

Thursday 15 February 2007


Well, another day, another binge, and another html fiasco.

As you can see, now, I've put a background image in (as long as googlepages doesn't go down) - it's the Carina Nebula, if you were wondering. I eventually managed to figure out how to make these boxes translucent, giving the page a pleasent effect. If it doesn't work, then your browser doesn't support aplha filtering, and you should switch to Firefox.
I've also got my main googlepage to redirect to here, so that I don't need to do anything like upload an index.html and force all links to go there. Then using the sidebar for navigation. I'll replace the pages so that they look like this (including the links they need, perhaps resorting to a shtml method again) - which reminds me to add the counter, which I just did.

Now I'm going to watch the original theatrical release of Return of the Jedi. It's not as good as Empire, but it's still good.