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CSS Pseudo clases

Just a quick heads up for anyone who reads this and has suffered a problem with this, but CSS pseudo classes need to be expressed in a particular way to guarantee that they work: Normally in css, you will define things with a particular id using #(id) and a class is .(classname) The pseudo class allows you to define particular behaviour, for example, if you want something to change appearence when you hover over it you would use :hover So, to combine them, if you want everything with a particular class to look a particular way when you hover on it, you might want to try .(classname):hover However, this does not always work (in Firefox), as I found out five minutes ago. I was dealing with divs, and the solution was to say div.(classname):hover So, when using pseudo classes, in order to make sure things work, try to be as precise as possible - (tagname).(classname):(pseudoclass) [edit] However, I subsequently discovered that the hover pseudo class is only valid for links ("a" t

Hell is the Epoché

An interesting thought hit me a little while ago. When studying different Philosophers, even ones which are contained within the same label, it is interesting how different they seem to be. Seem being a key word. Take for example Edmund Husserl and Jean-Paul Sartre. Both are Existentialists but both say quite different things. Husserl came first and tried to tackle the concept of how we understand ourselves. When we describe things in the world we tend to describe them as distinct from us, entirely separate. We describe objects as objects and ourselves as subjects. But we can also perceive ourselves as objects. So which are we? Subjects, objects, or some blend of both? And what about other things, what are they, really? In order for us to find out he proposed a mental exercise, a sort of meditation. Don't deny that the world exists, that you exist, that everything else accepts as you perceive, but don't accept it either. Be agnostic. Detach your mind, somehow, reflect and you w