Thursday 22 March 2007


Insert yet more strange sounds.

So, my counter stopped working. Fine, then. I've replaced it with one that I have made start at the same point (it was 63) and allows me to track all manner of intresting things, like how people reach this page. Thus, I will be able to insert tautology here.

Saturday 10 March 2007


Well, I still can't get the border thing on the other pages fixed, but at least I now have a consistant sidebar linky thing. Hurray! Now I only need to edit one file when I add a new page.

If the sidebar is breaking, that means my other pages probably won't work... or your browser doesn't support javascript.


Wow, I seem to be getting a lot of hits, but no comments.
Intresting. Or not.
Presumably the latter, as otherwise there would be comments, wouldn't there?
Oh well.
Just taking a break from my metaphysics essay at the moment. It's about absolutism vs relationalism in terms of the exitence of space-time. Man, Newton was twisted.
Afterwards I'll head to Patsy's party. Hopefully Guy'll be there, so I can sit and revel in his unique and witty manner of insulting me.

Thursday 1 March 2007


Well, this week's been fun. NIN on monday was ridiculously awesome. Trent played "We're in this together now" which is the second time it has ever been played live.
I also got some cool stuff from FOPP - I cannot wait until more local branches open.