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Best. Week. Ever. That was last month, though. Basically, I won a Wii, and a TV to play it on. Awesome. I've been mainly playing Gamecube games on it, because: 1) There are many awesome GC games I missed 2) Pre-owned Wii games are still ridiculously expensive, so I should wait until the prices go down. Anyway, just finished Wind Waker, which was quite good. The sailing was irritating, and where it fits in the storyline was also confusing (though, I'm now reading up on things, and apparently there are two parallel timelines in which the games take place, thus making things a lot more confusing... Though, actually, it does make sense. At the end of OoT I wondered "Why go back to the start if it's all going to happen again") People have been claiming that you kill Ganon at the end of it, but I must disagree. We've seen previously that he can survive having a magical sword buried in his head, and he turned to stone. I think he was just sealed away again.