Alternate endings

Here's a quick one:

"Alternate Endings" are really annoying. Sure some can be good (look at the deleted ending to Terminator) and some can be bad, but that's not what annoys me. What annoys me is the use of the word "alternate"

You see, I just started playing Braid, and I know about the secret stars. When all of these stars are collected, an "alternate ending" is revealed, apparently. But is it really, truly alternate? Sure, it will be different from the normal ending, but is it completely instead of or is it as well as?
Does it replace the normal ending, or is it an epilogue of sorts?

Why do I want to know this? Well, if it is instead of, then I will need to play the game twice. If it is as well as, I should play the game once, ensuring I collect everything (which, considering where I am, I would need to actually restart the game - should I keep going, or should I start again?)

Sure the game might be good, I'm not as far through it as others, but I fear it may suffer from being over-hyped, and I may not want to play through it again (at least not for a while.)


Jon Dowland said…
There's only one star you would need to restarted for Whig is still, frankly, annoying. Once you restart it is very quick to get all the puzzle pieces again: the difficulty was figuring out the puzzle rather than performing it (usually). This game is definitely more rewarding if you use no guides at all for the puzzle pieces at least. I'm not sure there is an alternate ending...
Jon Rimmer said…
There is an alternate ending. You should definitely play the game through and see the 'normal' ending before attempting to get the other ending. Personally, I only played through as normal and watched the alternate ending on YouTube. It's not a huge difference, and only really makes sense within the allegorical meaning of the story (such as it is).
Joe said…
I played the normal ending, and read all of the text (hidden included) - I read about the alternate ending, and it does only add a bit more, cementing the meaning of the story - there is a good story guide on gamefaqs, including some extra bits (like the flags, they spell out a word but also have important meanings when taken individually)

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