Long time no write

Wow, May 2013? Really? So time, many length. Wow.

I never really have the much to write about, but that's not to say that I've just been sitting on my arse doing nothing. Hell, I teach a dance class now. Yes, really.

Anyway, I'm still wanting to do my video stuff, though there are always complications.
For example, I want to do a supplemental Blood video covering Blood-C (which was released just as I finished publishing the video) and the film (which took about a full year to get released here - what the hell is up with that?)

Though I always take ages to make a video (the extra video being one reason for this delay, another being that I need a speaker stand so I don't melt any wires during filming) there is also always a silver-lining. Brows Held High recently did a video on Beauty and the Beast (the Jean Cocteau version [hmm, I wonder if that's why the Cocteau Twins are called that?]), which included soon insight into the etymology of "sin". This may seem irrelevant, but it made me want to look up the etymology of piety (though nowadays it tends to mean "good", it originally meant "devotion of religious observations") which then puts Plato's Euthyphro dialogue in a different light (to me, at least) which is in turn, relevant to my interpretation of Death Note.
Yes, I'm that artsy-fartsy about it.


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