Soul Reaver accessory

This one was particularly difficult: The Soul Reaver itself!


Probably the hardest part was constructing the skull, which had a fair few false starts.

I found a pattern for a skull on club crochet which was the basis for that, but I had to narrow the eyes, alter the nose, and narrow the teeth.

It ended up looking more cute that intimidating, but that sort of fits in with the rest of the toys

Pattern alterations

The colours I chose were an off white for the bone, and black for the holes.
Follow the skull pattern until Round 4
Rnd 4 sc 10, tr 3, sc 1, tr 3, sc 1
Rnd 5 sc 10, tr 1, split 2, tr2, split 2, tr 1
Rnd 6 sc 9, tr 1 blo, black sc2,  white tr1,sc1,tr1, black sc2, white tr1
Rnd 7 sc10, tr4, sc1, tr 4
Rnd 8 sc 1, inv dec1 x 3, sc9
Rnd 9 dec 3, sc1, dec 1, split -  sc4/ dec 3

The blade

This also had a fair few false starts, but eventually I found a pattern for a zig zag or lightning bolt, which I followed.
Annoyingly, I don't seem to have bookmarked the link.
I did 2 rows in yellow (once again, somewhat limited by the colours I had to hand) - I did two of these (one for front and one for black), and put a pipe cleaner in between them to keep their shape. Then I stitched them together on each side with black.
The pipe cleaner had a bit of extra length on the top so it could stick through the point where the skull was finished off, and then it was stitched in place with some more yellow.

The crests

These were done with some off cuts of pipe cleaner for shaping, but were largely done by sight rather than with a pattern.

The hilt

The final piece of the puzzle was the hilt. I had run out of pipe cleaners, and wanted to use some wire to allow it to be held by Kain (or Janos or anyone else I make)
So I clipped a length of wire and bent it in the middle, so some would be used for shaping the hilt and the rest could be used as a clip.
I then inserted that into the skull so the curve was wrapped around a stitch. I should have also twisted the wire around itself to secure it more. Every day is a school day.
I then used yellow to stitch around one half of the wire. When I got near the top I then started to stuff the inside of it. Doing that so late was also a mistake.
I then used some grey for the pommel at the very top.

The finished product

As I said, it seems more cute than intimidating, and it is maybe a bit too big, but I think it works well enough. Below are pictures of Kain holding it, balancing on a National Trust easter egg.


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