The continuing adventures of a webmaster

I master teh webz, lol.

Been messing around with the css, html and js again. "What have you done?" I hear you wail.
Get out of my head right now.

Anywho, I have now added an external links section to the sidebar, and made each section of the sidebar have a header (h2, to be precise.) Why? So now the "Blog archive" h2 looks like the others. Hurray for conformity within my code!

I was also getting a lot of "font" css errors from firefox: though the pages would always validate, the web developer toolbar didnae like it (what, a firefox extension being stricter than the W3C?! Preposterous!)
So, that's all fixed. I am now xhtml strict and css 2.1 uber-valid and have an external linky thing.

THIS page, however, still doesn't validate, but none of the errors are mine - they're all blogger's annoying widgets (though, they may not realistically be any way to have a centralised blogging service without them.) The errors are quite interesting. Do you want to see them?
Well, tough. I was going to post them, but it now appears that I have fixed the only problem which really was that interesting.

PS. Okami was beautiful on the PS2. It is beyond beautiful on the Wii. If there was a god of looking awesome, then it'd be that game.


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