After work yesterday, I came across this.

It made me only think one thing: This completely messes up my plans, as now I'll need to incorporate this into the Death Note review, which was the next video I was planning to do (after the one I'm currently working on)

Then, this morning I find this - so someone else has done it first, which apparently breaks some kind of unwritten law, though I'm not amongst these guys and I doubt they pay any attention to what I do.

Yes, the Dragonball review came after a group of them had already done it, but I had also been writing it for months before their video came out.

So, here I am, officially stating my intentions right here and now. This is my list of things I am intending to review:

  1. Dragonball Evolution (done)
  2. Blood: The Last Vampire
  3. Death Note, Death Note 2: The Last Name, Death Note: L: Change The WorLd
  4. Mushishi
  5. Guyver, Guyver: Dark Hero
  6. 20th Century Boys 1-3
  • The Last Airbender (though I'll need to wait in case any more are made)
  • Cowboy Bebop (when it's finally released)
  • Ghost In The Shell (when it's released)
  • Akira (when it's released)
  • Battle Angel Alita (when it's released)
  • Gantz
[edited to add Gantz to the list]


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