The Fast & The Furious 8

The Fast & The Furious 8 is (shockingly) the 8th film in the Fast & The Furious franchise, and was marketed as F8 (Fête) of the Furious in America.

Despite the marketing, and the fact that it features a fair number of British actors (and actresses), it does not unfortunately feature Vin Diesel winning a coconut shy, or Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson correctly guessing the weight of a fruit-cake.

Instead you will get:
Hilariously impossible car-based stunts;
Car chases;
Vin Diesel mumbling about the importance of family;
James Bond-esque escapades (esquepades?);
Wonderfully self-aware jokes;
Intentional comedy;
Maybe unintentional comedy;
A Paul Walker tribute of some kind;

I'm not even joking about the James Bondness - at one point the film even pulls the same plot twist from Spectre, except in this film it is convincing and makes sense.
This is a better James Bond film than the most recent James Bond film!

The expansion of the cast is not as problematic as you might imagine - by having as many different action stars from different genres as the film does, it allows the film to appeal to many different tastes. You want martial arts? We've got that. You want wrestling-style action? That's in there, too! Guns? Yeah, we've go loads of gun action!

As always with this franchise, this film is not the most intelligent, or even most believable, but it is exceedingly good fun, and entertaining as hell.


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