Well, another day, another binge, and another html fiasco.

As you can see, now, I've put a background image in (as long as googlepages doesn't go down) - it's the Carina Nebula, if you were wondering. I eventually managed to figure out how to make these boxes translucent, giving the page a pleasent effect. If it doesn't work, then your browser doesn't support aplha filtering, and you should switch to Firefox.
I've also got my main googlepage to redirect to here, so that I don't need to do anything like upload an index.html and force all links to go there. Then using the sidebar for navigation. I'll replace the pages so that they look like this (including the links they need, perhaps resorting to a shtml method again) - which reminds me to add the counter, which I just did.

Now I'm going to watch the original theatrical release of Return of the Jedi. It's not as good as Empire, but it's still good.


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