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Bowser Amigurumi

After the Mario film came out I asked my son which character he would like a toy of, and he chose Bowser. This is pretty much the reason I started learning yarn craft in the first place, so I made him one. The pattern I followed was from this particular blog post from 2011 I submitted a comment asking for some clarification, but didn't get a response. I think the blog is somewhat abandoned. However, you could consider this post as a supplement, as I have some suggestions on how to improve things. 1) First of all, the instructions for putting everything together are not the best. Even the follow up edit with photos doesn't make things much easier. As such, I will put some diagrams here (as they are clearer than photos) 2) The mouth is made of 10 pieces - 4 big balls, 1 small ball, 2 small tubes, and 3 big tubes. These all get stitched together using their tails. I'm not the best at stitching, and I would worry that things could come