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Well, my dissertation's comming along, albeit slowly. Since I don't work this week (except for friday) then I should be able to get it done very soon. I can't help but feel I have no material for the second half, though. GARGH! Had an intresting "argument" at the EG forums, which was fun, but a waste of time in the end.


The statcounter, though useful and intresting, is giving some strange results: 25 Mar 13:55:13 The blog: I'm in ur throat blocking ur healthorz So, someone came from this page, and went to a specific post, racking up a count. Fine, could be a dynamic IP or something - but that was the only count for that day, the only count within a 6 hour period (and I've set the counter so each hit within 6 hours counts. Less would miss the point, more apparently might break it.) How does that work? Apparently the guy's Swedish. Do they have some strange power to bypass time? Did he leave his/her computer on for a couple of days, then just clicked a link? Another came from is: 1 %28Brooklyn%29&publishMode=PUBLISH_MODE_BLOGSPOT&navbarType=BLUE I hope I haven't messed up any security by publishing that address. If I have, please inform me, and I will try to rectify