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EvE Mining Profit Calculator v1.0 - Release

I have written a mining calculator for EvE Online that the community could find useful - by entering the necessary values it will tell you in order of priority which ores to mine, what to do with said ore, and the amount of money the player can expect to make, assuming they have a full cargo-hold of the stuff. Here is the public dropbox link for it: If I update it to be more complicated, then I think I can just update the zip file, so it will have the latest version in it.

(Awful) Anime Adaptations 2: Blood The Last Vampire: Part 3

Here is part 3 - a little short, but I decided to split the final section into 2, rather than try to trim it down. Blip's answer said that the videos just need to be under 15 minutes, so I don't need to retroactively edit part 2.

Video update

Well, this is confusing. I am still working with the idea of distributing to youtube, either through blip or a separate youtube account (though I would of course prefer to manage it from one central account) Youtube states that videos can be up to 15 minutes long, but claims that they need to be less than 10. I am currently trying to find out if blip is, well, having a blip, or if their rules are valid. If they are, it means that part 2 of the blood review is too long, and needs to be split into 2 parts. The thing is, currently part 3 is about 16 minutes long, which would be too long anyway. But whether I just trim it, or if I also split that into 2, is dependent on the rules. So, basically, I'm getting most of the work done, but I am unlikely to publish until I figure this out. I also attempted to re-encode the Dragonball review using the desk bell sound rather than the bowl sound, which would make me feel better about enabling advertising on the episode (I'm thinking