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The Fast & The Furious 8

The Fast & The Furious 8 is (shockingly) the 8th film in the Fast & The Furious franchise, and was marketed as F8 (FĂȘte) of the Furious in America. Despite the marketing, and the fact that it features a fair number of British actors (and actresses), it does not unfortunately feature Vin Diesel winning a coconut shy, or Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson correctly guessing the weight of a fruit-cake. Instead you will get: Hilariously impossible car-based stunts; Car chases; Vin Diesel mumbling about the importance of family; James Bond-esque escapades (esquepades?); Wonderfully self-aware jokes; Intentional comedy; Maybe unintentional comedy; A Paul Walker tribute of some kind; I'm not even joking about the James Bondness - at one point the film even pulls the same plot twist from Spectre, except in this film it is convincing and makes sense. This is a better James Bond film than the most recent James Bond film! The expansion of the cast is not as problemat