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Star Wars

Ok, I've seen episode 7 and it is awesome. I'm probably going to go and watch it again, but this time for "free" with my Cineworld pass. I'm currently (as in right at this moment) watching D oug Walker's Disneycember video about the special editions of the original trilogy . He's mentioned a few times about he's ok with the idea of an artist going back and adjusting their work. The thing is, this doesn't sit well with me for one simple reason: George Lucas didn't direct The Empire Strikes back or Return of the Jedi. By making the special editions he is going back and 2/3 of the time changing someone else's work to fit his own "vision", and his vision is (in most cases) inferior to the vision of the actual director.


Wow. Maybe sometime I'll write a post that doesn't start with me being surprised at how long it's been since the previous one. This is not that post. I did have several topics I wanted to talk about, but it's probably best for me to try and split them apart. At least that way I can pretend this is more active. In this one I think I'll talk about Dark Souls 1 & 2 (I am highly anticipating 3, and at some point intend to get a PS4 to play Bloodborne) Currently I'm trying to get all of the achievements on Dark Souls 2, which is taking a while. This wasn't helped by my wiping my hard-drive in order to solve an issue with the drivers for my headset, only to discover that the Steam integration was so poor that my save was not backed up. The game series that is known for trolling you within the game, also trolls you outside of it. I am enjoying the game, but I feel that it definitely lacks something Dark Souls 1 has. Some have called it majesty, bu