The statcounter, though useful and intresting, is giving some strange results:

25 Mar13:55:13 blog: I'm in ur throat blocking ur healthorz

So, someone came from this page, and went to a specific post, racking up a count. Fine, could be a dynamic IP or something - but that was the only count for that day, the only count within a 6 hour period (and I've set the counter so each hit within 6 hours counts. Less would miss the point, more apparently might break it.) How does that work?
Apparently the guy's Swedish. Do they have some strange power to bypass time? Did he leave his/her computer on for a couple of days, then just clicked a link?

Another came from is: %28Brooklyn%29&publishMode=PUBLISH_MODE_BLOGSPOT&navbarType=BLUE

I hope I haven't messed up any security by publishing that address. If I have, please inform me, and I will try to rectify. Now, I looked this link up, and it's the blog of some town in America.
Once again, what?! It seems that this town, publishing a post, for some reason logged my counter. Eh?! Actually, nevermind. I think I was misunderstanding the stats. Still... Maybe my post was too long, thus they needed to click to expand it?

Most of my hits are from the guys on, clicking from threads, then perhaps checking the blogs. Glad to see you're intrested in the Timeline, guys, but why don't you bookmark it instead of repeatedly clicking through threads?

Also, apparently I got a visitor from China. Perhaps I should prevent any such future visits by being all political-like. Perhaps not. It's not like I care too much anyway. Doing an IP whois brings up something from Australia anyway. Eh?

I'm trying to apply for a MSc at Newcastle, but it seems to dislike the concept of me registering. I should talk to Jon about it. It's his department after all.


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