Leeeerooooyyy Mmmmmmjennnkiiinnns

Well, what's new? Not much.
Finally got my parchment, and thus was able to secure my place at Newcastle.
I shall pass this course "like a Slor Beast passes her young: Jiggly! And full of juice…" (Zim)

Been playing more Pokemon Diamond (it rocks so hard) even set up some trades with people... I haven't had any correspondance back since I've got what's needed on my end, and tried to arrange a time for the trade. Are they lazy or is there some error in sending the messages?

Work's been a bit busy, especially since we're now cut down on staff (for various reasons) It's amazing how little time you have left even after just 4 hours in the middle of the day are removed.

Been watching some Leroy Jenkins things (a la the title) and The Angry Videogame Nerd
It's bizzare. He's not really funny, but he is so entertaining.

Also, Bioshock demo. Played in on Jon's comp, because it doesn't work well on mine. I need Pixel shader 3, but I only have 2, despite my graphics card being very good. I can run anything else, literally, on the highest settings, with very little slowdown, but I can't play this demo (it's not even really needed - there is a patch which utilises a workaround. It's slow, but it allows you to see most things without the need for this unnecessary technology.)
I'll upgrade next year, when both cards and game are cheaper. My card is awesome enough for now. Maybe even DX10 would almost be worth it by then, too.

[edit] On the plus side, though, I finally got my computer to remember that my radeon has a tv in. On the minus side, it still recieves nothing. Either I'm using the wrong cable, or this truly is never going to work.


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