Merry day-after-boxing-day

Just finished the 3rd Resident Evil film. At least it was better than 2.
I hope that they don't make another one.
At least in this one it appears that they've played some of the games (basically, they've played a bit of Code Veronica, and seen some of 1. Also add in a teeny bit of 2 - finally a tyrant like in the games... though he talks... The entire curey thingy... Wesker being the CEO is kindof right. Almost.)
Still, I hate the stupid stuff they come up with (i.e. giving AdaAshley ("Alice") psychic powers - WTF?! Yeah, zombies don't make sense if you think about it, but still...)

Guitar Hero 3 completed on easy. Normal seems so ridiculously hard.
Twilight Princess is awesome, but the twilight is a bit too harsh on the eyes in my opinion.


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