So, yesterday I got into papercraft a bit, I can't remember how, precisely. I think I was looking for homemade Half-Life plushies, and found headcrabs made of paper.
Whatever happened, it developed from there, and I spend about 4 hours downloading almost 800 megs of patterns. Most of which are awesome.
For example, I found one of Okami Ameratasu (which looks mighty difficult)
I also, however, found the second best thing ever: MACROSS papercraft!

The best thing ever is, of course, Macross papercraft of all the VFs (particularly the 19 and 21) in P, D and B modes, rather than just P.

[edit] It's interesting to note how many referrals I'm getting from torrent sites and gothic forums (though, only to the timeline, but it's not like there's much else here)
I no longer need (did I ever need...) to plug my site. Hurray?


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