Sam and Max Statue

So, my Sam and Max statue that I ordered from Symbiote Studios arrived today.
It took me under 10 mintues to set it up, and it's quite nice.
For one thing, it's huge - 17.5 inches.
The pieces are heavy, and nicely painted, so it doesn't feel delicate.
The pieces slot together a little too easilly for my liking, so I will resort to gluing it at some point (maybe after I've got my carpet put in, so I can transport it easily)
Another slight niggle - Max's head and Sam's tie don't seem to quite get along. The tie and Max's head are touching, which can set the tie in the wrong position. Perhaps placing Max slightly further away from Sam would've been the best solution, but then I'm not a model maker so I don't know how to design or manufacture these things properly.

Anyway, here's a 7 minute video of me putting it together. Sorry for the low res - I was using my webcam as I have nothing better. 3 fps.


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