Awful Adaptations: Dragonball Evolution

Finally, it's done!

Sometimes the release of a film breaks your heart.
Other times it tears your heart out, grinds it with the heel of it's boot, spits on it and then sets it on fire.
Dragonball Evolution, for me, was the latter.
"Fun" games to play while watching the video:
  1. See how many simple words I mispronounce!
  2. See how many times I say "That" and "However"!
  3. See how many times I run out of breath midway through a sentence but refuse to stop talking!
  4. Pinpoint the exact moment my heart broke in two!
  5. Pinpoint the exact moment I lost my sanity (hint: It's after 4)
Other versions available here


Moonschwine said…
Fucking Brilliant mate I was laughing so hard.

Its a shame that this piece of shit is what the common folk will use as a benchmark about the series.

Credit was already running thin after Dragonball. Now its lost for good.
heartbug said…
Let’s not forget the exclamation coming out of Goku’s butt. “Burning blood!!” Good stuff, sir. Thanks for sharing.-how to goku-

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