Quick update

I'm currently working on my next video - I've got a lot of the first 15 minutes done, but I need to re-record my video parts, as well as the audio. Though I had roughly 600 sound files and then cut them down, upon re-listening, I flubbed a good deal of the "good" takes.

Also, I've managed to get some good sound effects, so will likely re-encode the Dragonball video using those, so that I can then enable ads and maybe get a little bit of recompense towards what I've already spent on these.

Finally, I don't want to only review bad films, but I also don't want to manage multiple blip accounts, so though the show is registered on blip as "Aradiel", the episodes themselves will be labelled appropriately (so, the Dragonball one is now no longer "Dragonball Evolution: A Review" but is "Awful Adaptations episode 1: Dragonball Evolution")
So, coming soonish is "Awful Adaptations episode 2: Blood the last Vampire", to then be followed by "Awesome Adaptations episode 1" then another awful, then an awesome and so on.


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