Happy New Year

And so forth.

Video is coming along, though I am suffering through setback after setback after setback.

The main issue at the moment is that I'm re-recording selected audio chunks which I didn't think were that good the first time around.
However, these chunks sound different in terms of ambient noise, which is confusing because I'm recording under the same conditions and with the same equipment as before.

So, I'm presented with two choices:
1) Suck it up
2) Re-record all of the audio

I refuse to do number 2.

In the interests of getting something out at some point, I may split the video into a couple of parts and post the first while working on the second. The structure of the video allows for this somewhat, as there are a good few minutes of reviewing other things before I get to the actual film. This is a rather ambitious video this time around, you see.

[edit] Also, when viewing this post I notice that I am being prompted for a user-name and password, presumably for my sidebar, despite it not being in a password protected folder (it's just in the normal public_html folder)
I'll get that sorted asap.

[edit2] Jon got that sorted asap.


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