Dragon's Dogma

On a similar note to the Souls games, Dragon's Dogma has had a PC re-release. Not only that, but it's a really good port, and I even have the graphics card Eurogamer tested it on.
It should run beautifully on my computer.

Apparently Capcom have said that if it does well, they might consider bringing Dragon's Dogma Online to the west.
While I don't particularly care about, and largely dislike MMOs, more of this franchise is a very pleasant thought.

Hell, maybe if it does well, Capcom will finally finish Deep Down? I really like the look of that one.

I never actually finished Dragon's Dogma when I had it on the 360 - the endgame difficulty, combined with my desire to 100% every game, resulted in me getting frustrated and a bit bored.
It is a fantastic game, with some flaws.

However, since I already bought it upon it's initial release, got the expansion pack, and I have both via Playstation Plus, I'm hesitant to pay £30 for it on the PC.
I really want it to succeed, but I also really want it to drop to a more justifiable price.

It may seem somewhat petty, since upgrading the graphics to the degree they have is no small feat, but it is still less effort than writing the script and designing the entire game, like they did the first time around. Plus, it's 4 years old. So spending the same amount of money on it as I did 4 years ago isn't justified, in my opinion.


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