Potential Predator screenplay

Somewhat inspired by a video titled "Stop trying to make us like the Predator", I've come up with a rough idea for how the next Predator film should go.
In the near-ish future, the Earth is in peril. The environment has been badly damaged, and to try and compensate for this we reduced our farming of animals for food, but that hasn't helped enough.
We have expanded to have outposts on other planets, starting to abandon Earth. Nearby to one of these colonies, Weyland-Yutani have found a planet that is resource rich, and populated by extremely docile animals. A situation somewhat like when we discovered Dodos, there are no apex carnivores, so the planet is brimming with herbivores.
Of course, the company wants to take advantage of this situation, mining for resources and shipping these animals back to the colony for food. There is concern from some that they may be over-zealous, ruining the planet like we did Earth, others claiming that it's a gift from God and should be fully exploited.
Unbeknown to the company, the planet was essentially a Predator/Yautja farm.
Seeing us as a menace, some of the Predators follow the company ships back to the colony, and the hunt begins.
This group of Yautja ride some kind of live mount, and they control Xenomorphs using some kind of sonic technology.
They don't hunt us themselves, but instead watch the Xenomorphs do it to us.
Yes, this is a fox-hunting metaphor. In the interests of being balanced, well-meaning protesters will also get slaughtered.

Just to be clear:
Humans = foxes
Predators = humans
Mount = horses
Xenomorphs = hounds
Eden planet = hen house


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