Well, Harry Potter 7 arrived on Saturday... and I'm yet to actually open it. I've kind of got mixed feelings of excitment, dissappointment that the story will end, lack of excitment because I've been predicting the ending for over a year now, and general apathy because I still haven't finished .hack//Another Birth 3 yet.

I know the books are easy, but I actually haven't opened that one for about a month. Other things have been occupying my time: Work, cleaning my room, catching up on TV, and Pokemon. Dear god I love those games.

Also got Unbuntu running recently. Was a bit of a kerfuffle - I got a 30 Gb HDD from my brother, but when installing it I accidentally partially disconnected my DVD drive from the motherboard, resulting in slow start up, wasted hours, and lots of frustration.
Nothing particularly exciting on that front.

On another note, I recommend the next two sites:
Tom Morton's beloved Website!
Chore Wars :: Earning Experience Points for Housework

The first is open source GL Frontier. For those not in the know, Frontier is the best space game ever, bar none.
The second is an RPG to encourage people to do the housework. Neat.

I notice there are a few people comming here from Facebook. Awesome. Nice to know my hard work on the LoK Timeline is appreciated.
If anyone thinks that I've got anything wrong, please tell me, and give a good explanation as to why it's wrong. I put a fair amount of "logical" thinking into that, so if you can't give a good explanation as to why I'm wrong I'll have no good reason to believe you.
I may put it up on Wikipedia eventually.

As to the person who commented on my previous post: Thank you mysterious spammer. The only reason I haven't deleted the comment is because the site it links to is pretty intresting, though probably overpriced.

Finally, someone may be wondering about the title of this post. Well, when tidying my room I came across a sheet of paper with that word on it. Putting it into google results in a few hundred (552) results.

The top result is to this deviantart page:
He draws stuff I like (Oh! My Goddess!, Aliens, Predator, Doom)

Another is a link to the profile of someone who asked about running Freespace 2 on XP and Vista. I would think this could be me, but he types in a different manner.

Another one is a page of statistics for a corp in EVE, mentioning another corp called Etamnanki.

All of these are potential explanations as to why I have this word written down, but none are too familiar. I don't recall that DeviantArt guy. I love Freespace but why would I make such a roundabout note when I could bookmark it or send myself an email? Why would I be that intrested in EVE anymore? I don't like paying every month for a game with no clear objectives within which I have to grind. Grinding is boring.


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