Well, it's been a while, and quite a lot has happened.

First of all, I graduated with a 2:2 (57.75% - so close to a 2:1)

So know I get to put BA HONS Dunelm on the end of my name when doing academic things, or just wanting to be a bit of a ponce.

Secondly, I have been accepted to do a Msc at Newcastle, conditional upon my showing them my transcript and parchment, both of which are in the post. As will the photos of the graduation (which will surely go on Facebook)

I'm also currently in the process of cleaning my room, which involves organising it. This now means that my various projects are well organised, and it will be easier for me to work on them.
My art style has changed a bit for a certain project, which therefore speeds up the process, whilst keeping everything "stylised" (it's not badly drawn, I swear!)


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